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The Winter 2015 situation may follow carefully upon Autumn 2015’s pumps. It starts with & Situation Manager Herris; Friedrichshafen Torpedo Bombers an extensive report on & the Friedrichshafen Firm;s transformation of land planes into floatplane plane for bombing that is torpedo. The principal types were FF41A the FF35, FF41AT and Herris delivers scale paintings along with everything of final features and their improvement histories and numerous images of the types. This short article adds to our understanding of a number of the plane formulated in Belgium that nonetheless enjoyed a role in World-War aviation. John Kinter shows us how the aircraft above were used through the war in An Operational Background of the Friedrichshafen Torpedo Bombers. Drawing from unique solutions, Kintner describes how these were often placed to extremely creative employs – including an assault on the Euro torpedo boat, Stroini – within the Baltic during the concluding months of the conflict. Reveal listing in frontline service as well as the channels and teams that utilized of every bomber them is provided alongside supplemental pictures, which helps complete the narrative of the torpedo bombers that are Friedrichshafen. Fighters by Jack Herris, has a examine another reduced-known part of War I aviation and traces & Britain’s advancement and usage of fighter airplane to hunt airships. Several airplane types tried and were revised against raiders, occasionally with amazing accomplishment.

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As common, Herris supplies numerous photos of the initial airplane which carried a wide array of armament inside their work to create along the high flying airships. On the list of highlights are triplane and quadraplane (!) types in addition to a SPAD 11 that secured a highlight that is sizable in front of its propeller. You’re The Chef! assembled by Aaron Weaver, will be the transcript of a friendly debate involving the late Howard Dime and German aviator Rudolf Hunze, who was a combat pilot with Feldflieger-Abteilung 8 and Flieger-Abteilung (Artillerie) 278 from 1916 until the end of the struggle. Hunze reminisced about his encounters and provided info that simply individuals who manned the cockpit in days past would have recognized. Peter Fedders, PhD, examines the truth of certain aircraft statements in A of American Air Beat Glory Claims in 1918. Fedders offers a detailed listing of several of the National promises in the closing months of the battle, including latitude and longitude identifications, and examines them against German files that mentioned shed or absent plane. The study s findings may shock a few of our readers and appear to be extremely supportable. Group President O Neal provides us current to the Group’s membership in Between The Lines while offering suggestions about how those users can help increase their number.

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Mentioned in Despatches & Despatches; shows some added photos of the Albatros C.XV that were given by Volker Koos right after the Fall 2015 situation report about the variety went to media. Within our ongoing company to your visitors, Between the Bookends; offers comprehensive newsletter opinions (by Peter Kilduff, Dick Bennett, Carl Bobrow, Jon Guttman, David Layton, Steve Ruffin, Jim Streckfuss and Dan Turner) of 18 current textbooks predicated on World War I flight. Lafayette, We’re Here; The Centennial of Flight Warfare Portion 2 2016 Group Biennial Seminar, Dayton, Ohio, September 28-30, 2016 Location The National Museum of the US Airforce Based at old Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The NMUSAF is 1.5 Hours from Cincinnati Airport and 2 hours from Indianapolis Airport. Actions Wednesday Night, social locale to enjoy hangar flying with old acquaintances and October 28th Subscription. Friday, September. The next assembly of the DFW (Texas Ft Price) Phase of the Group of WWI Aircraft Historians is slated for Thursday April 2, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the Frontiers of Flight Public on Lemmon Ave near Adore Airport, Dallas TX.

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Nonmembers and associates are welcome. Proposed meeting goal: Review of latest OTF Record – please read in preparation for debate of articles – TBD & TBD; The Koenigsberg Incident – Wayland Loomis Wayland Loomis; WWI being a barfight – class involvement class engagement Boelcke and.

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